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G : GOLDEN SMOG : Down by The Old Mainstream

Down by The Old Mainstream
Текст песни Nowhere Bound

Nowhere Bound

(perlman, murphy, johnson)

It don't matter if I lose
It's how I play the fool
Somewhere down the line it all got
Twisted, torn, and tossed and thrown away
It all looks the same to me
What you want I'll never be

And I can't seem to get it right
But I wanna get off right now
I can't seem to get it right
But it's all so wrong, somehow
Did you think I wouldn't return. did you think I wouldn't return
Did you think that I was dead. did you think that I was dead
Did you think I'd crash and burn
Did you think it was my turn

Radio plays, I'm coming down
Road stretches out, but it ain't - lord I'm home
I'm not big on being amazed
I'm in a haze, I'm lost - nowhere bound
And all my friends they jumped the wagon
Parked today, tails a-waggin'


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