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Текст песни Oh! Ellin

Oh! Ellin

Oh! ellin what can I do? there is nothing
Aside from you. I hate to say I'm starting
Again to try to get you off of my mind I must
Admit it's so hard to do oh ellin! with no you
By my side I have the chance to land on my
Own two feet and keep my chin off the
Ground but now you're gone I bet myself up
About it, it sucks without you around, it
Sucks when you're not around. oh! ellin what
Can I do? there isnothing aside from you. oh!
Ellin what can I lose? there's nothing aside
From you. I trace your steps but I get lost i
Bet i'ts what you had in mind and can't you
See that all is not well oh! ellin not since you
Left me behind. I waste away it's miserable
Here it's stupid to even try to pretend
Because when you slip my mind I start to
Panic, I'm scare to lose you again, I'm scared
I'll lose you again.

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