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G : GOB : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Lemon-aid


I go out ‘cause I live in an empty house and it
Rains and it rains and it never stops I'm a case
In this place now mixed up with you I had a
Perfect fit until you called me up then it didn't
Even rain the sun came up now there's nothing
I can do but fish around for you, the lemon that
You aid doesn't have a pulse something that i'll
Never get if you never tell no I'd never need a
Phone if you lived next door to me and if it feels
Good to me that's something else you've a soft-
Head you think I'm a motormouth but I never
Say a word that I don't hold dear to me. I wanna
Hear you talk to me every night if anything foes
Wrong you can make it right I never get the
Chance just to let you know yeah I wanna make
You feel something every night if anything goes
Wrong I'll make it right I never get the chance
Just to let you know. I hope that it won't fuck
Up now that you know.

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