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Текст песни I Cut Myself, Too

I Cut Myself, Too

Are you holding out? are you
Satisfied I'm making confessions
I'm moving on and you're just
Waiting around, while you were
Down and looking for someone
To foll,ow misunderstood i
Understood you well. if it helps to
Ease your mind you're not putting
Me out tonite. don't you think
You need some time? I'm not
Putting you in tonight. and it
Helps to know, to know you're
Not alone, you're not fucked up,
Just waiting, patient waiting for
The call and just like you now and
Then I cut myself to pieces and it
Rains, it pours but it doesn't make
Any sense, now you're crushing
Like cement 'til you find your
Perfect fit to stand out from the
Rest to shine on you the best.
Well we all down is it better
Now or are you still broken?
I'm moving on and you're still
Waiting around.

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