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B : BEARS : Car Caught Fire

Car Caught Fire
Текст песни Dave


He counted up his fears one day and they weren't worth a dime
He cried a lot of tears for her Ў®cause he wasn't worth her time
And his life felt like a marathon - man, how long can this last?
He slowed down for a little drink and didn't see the winner pass
Last saturday morning we missed the warning
The pain got boring - his soul went soaring
She used to be too young to understand and now she's just too old
Can't shut the door on her regrets - she'll never be that cold
And I could have been a better friend - I can see where I went wrong
I hid beneath my selfishness like I hide behind this song
Last saturday morning we missed the warning
Nothing lasts forever Ў®cept maybe jesus christ
And nothing could be sadder than a child taking his own life
I heard the minister mumble, I heard the falling rain
And I felt my mother's hand slip into mine
And none of us have ever been the same

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