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B : BEARS : Car Caught Fire

Car Caught Fire
Текст песни As You Are

As You Are

As you are I once was - as I am you will be
All over the world are people like you and me
A bunch of sour apples on the old family tree
And billions of kids - I'm afraid they're all yours and mine
But all we have in common is the way that we whine
As you are I once was - as I am you will be
They're mad at the world but the world doesn't care
Who swims in her water who breathes all her air
Mother earth didn't burn when the dinosaurs all left home
But they left a little note written down with their bones
As you are I once was - as I am you will be
Farewell to modern warfare - hello eternity
I've got some good news bad news
At the end I'm you and you are me
Don't be a sore loser - you're not even lost
So crawl out of your bunker climb down from your cross
Ў®cause the answer is love to the question we're all too stupid to ask

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