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B : BEARS : Car Caught Fire

Car Caught Fire
Текст песни Caveman


I am a modern caveman
Sittin' here by the fire
These hands of mine been busy
They never seem to tire
I am a fearless hunter
Look at all these bones
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Who I am and what I'm for
I'm a caveman
I painted lots of pictures
And made up my own songs
I shivered through the winters
The pain has made me strong
I'm looking for a woman
To help me count these stars
Then maybe she could show me
Who I am and what I'm for
I'm a caveman
I named the constellations
And taught myself to swim
Created my creator
And made me look like him
I pondered my condition
Till my head began to ache
Right now I'm going fishin'
It's good to be at the top of the food chain
I'm a caveman

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