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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Op Zop Too Wah

Op Zop Too Wah
Текст песни Something to Do

Something to Do

Try to lose your attitude, put it in your boots
Or stick it where the sun doesn't shine
Try to have a good time, it's something to do

I read a good book, buy a pair of shoes
Maybe I'm a strange kinda dude
But, hey, maybe it's you, it's something to do

I understand unhappiness
An excellent plan for a martyr to have
But what is the sense of having regrets
It's only just a waste of time

I look at the sky, I walk in the yard
Study little birds with binoculars
So, call me a nerd, it's something to do

Try a day in the park, play in the dirt
Or go to the mall if that's what blows up your skirt
What can it hurt?
It's something to do

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