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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Op Zop Too Wah

Op Zop Too Wah
Текст песни Live in a Tree

Live in a Tree

Your mama is crazy
And your daddy's evasive
And they probably won't leave you alone
Between the neighborhood screaming
And the laundry and the t.v.
You can hardly hear the cellular phone
You feel stress, you need a rest
Too many things you've got to get off your chest
To be free to get some peace
You have to live in a tree

You gave away your stereo
And kept your pocket radio
And threw away the keys to your car
Then you loaded up a t-shirt
Booked a ticket on a steamer
And you boarded it for zanzibar
You had stress, you needed rest
Too many things you had to get off your chest
To be free to get some peace
You had to live in a tree

Live in a tree
Friday may 3, 1996

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