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A : ADRIAN BELEW : Op Zop Too Wah

Op Zop Too Wah
Текст песни On


Look at the sky the sun is rising
With another day

Look at the sky the sun is rising
With another day to lay at our feet
What will we do and what will we see
Are the questions that keep us intrigued

Look at the world of possibilities
What happens now and where will we go
And there's a kind of freedom in knowing
It's a little beyond our control
That life keeps moving

People laugh, markets crash,
Someone takes a photograph
The mail arrives, babies cry
Someone tries suicide

A building burns, a crime occurs,
Tankers sink, satellites blink
People shop, traffic stops,
But life keeps moving

Look at sky, the new horizon
Look at the changes it will involve
Someone will die, a country may fall
But the world will continue to roll
Life keeps moving

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