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Текст песни Turning Me On

Turning Me On

By t. page/l. russell brown

I can't keep my eyes off you
Face to face, you're a dream come true
Make me shake, the way you do
Sexually, I'm attracted to you


You're really, really turning me on
The more and more I stare at you
The closer I'm drawn
Cause you're really, really turning me
Really, really turning me
Really, really turning me on

You've got me so mesmerized
Tantalized, you've got me hypnotized
Gazing deep into your soul
I can't help this I'm losing control


I never wanted to touch somebody
The way that I want to touch you
And I know that you feel the same way
So let's go

I can't help myself when I'm next to you
I'm holding back from doing things I want to do
You better watch yourself 'cause I'm not that strong
And you're really, really turning me on

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