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Текст песни I Love London

I Love London

By t. page/l. russell brown

A beautiful night, is not a beautiful night
It's another night, without you
I felt that way, on a beautiful day
So far away from you
I was walking sadly, in hyde park.
And you were on my mind
I said to myself if you were only here
We'd have the best of time


I love london, you would too
There's nothing in the world
That can lift you up
Like a london night can do
I love london, you would too
There's something in the air
That I'd love to share
A london night with you

A special place, in another world
A place you'd want to be
On a summer night, or on any night
A place you've got to see

On a london night at the stroke of midnight
I could hear old big ben chime
If only you, could be here too
We'd have the best of times


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