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T : THROWING MUSES : Throwing Muses

Throwing Muses
Текст песни Call Me

Call Me

Read the stop signs
I can't love nothing
I mate, kill
You wake up and it's not morning
I can't sleep, I loved you once
I loved you so much

There's a shape on the horizon
As we're picked off one by one
Something's gone
Something's over

Move your hand again
I can't watch you wash
The floor
You live for the green
I hold your flame
So why?

There's a shape over the ocean
As we're picked off one by one
Summer's gone
Summer's over

Somebody here's too smart
There's nothing that doesn't die
Why don't you do to my insight
What you do to my insides?
Oh, babe

I'm in a deep hole
I've dug myself five feet deep
So many people want to talk
They look in the mirror, see themselves
They look in the mirror, they look at me,
They look at me
They look at me, oh-oh-oh

Something's gone
Something's over

Peter said
'thanks for letting me hold you
Calling me moonshine
I can take you there and call you that'
This is your name

I'm lonely at night
Time on my hands
I feel sad in the day
Call me
Call me
Call me

Nobody knows
Home or away
What I'm waiting for
Call me
Call me
Call me

Here I am
What a loser
Waiting for years to go by
Call me
Call me
Call me

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