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T : THROWING MUSES : Throwing Muses

Throwing Muses
Текст песни Fear


I hold you in my shins
I won't break
Your pain
This is much better than me

Fear, oh (fear, oh)
Oh, oh (fear, oh) x4
Looks like me

Nothing ever works
Even if
It's all you got
This is a state of shock

Fear, oh (fear, oh)
Oh, oh (fear, oh) x4
Looks like me

Oh, oh

I don't think anything
You cover
My spine
Hold my face, shoot me and die

Fear, oh (fear, oh)
Oh, oh (fear, oh) x5
Looks like me

Up to your face
Up to your cheeks
Up through your eyes
Give me what I want (up to your forehead)
And all I can think about
Is losing it
I'm losing it
I hurt
Look at me run away
Stop talking
You hurt me
And I'm not crying
Dry-y (through your eyes)

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