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S : STEVE HARLEY : Love is a Prima Donna

Love is a Prima Donna
Текст песни Finally a Card Came

Finally a Card Came

(finally a card came, finally a card came)
And I thought for a moment my luck had changed
But it was wrong
(what happend ? )
I opened it up and tears of self-pity flooded my innocent eyes
(finally my heart broke, finally my heart broke)
For this is what it said
(what did it say ? )
And I quote
(what did it say ? )
You're a gee-whiz baby and you're easy to pleez
And the lines on your face makes me week at the kneez
And if you looked like a lover I could handle you swell
But you're tough on my nerves with that peculiar smell
If you're looking for a valentine to love in your life
You're looking for a messiah !
Hallelujah !!!

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