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S : STEVE HARLEY : Love is a Prima Donna

Love is a Prima Donna
Текст песни Compared With You

Compared With You

I been trying to write this line
But the years've gone by in no time
And you know that it's not easy for a boy in love
But I had to find a clue
And it could only come from you
Like a waterfall you tingle me with your love

Chorus: and you know that since you loved me I have everything
And you know that since you loved me it's been easy

All the things that I been through
Don't mean a thing compared with you
You can give me life forever in a moment
You carry me like a child and you're a goddess when I'm wild
When I'm desperate in black you are golden

Chorus: and I confess...
I'm in love with you (ad inf)

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