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Текст песни Game Don't Wait

Game Don't Wait

[nate] (in the background)
Shit don't stop because the game don't wait
Game don't wait
Hits don't stop because the game don't wait
Shit don't stop because the game don't wait
Game don't wait

[snoop] (talking)
Damn, g, I come to find out, all these years, man, that the game won't wait, no matter who you are, where you are, or how you, the game won't wait. it's a cold thing, but it's a cold game. you know how it is

[nate] (chorus)
Game don't wait (the game, the game)
Game don't wait (the game don't wait for nobody)
Repeat 2x

Now all I see is we, the lbc's, 213's, g's and please
And the reason the season, the click's off the heezy
Mr. warren geezy, gots to make it easy, for snoop deezy
To come back and drop raps that make snaps so easy
The most hunted and most wanted
With a pocket full of hundred, you know how we run it (you know)

[warren g]
Snoop d oop pass the m I c, anticipation, 213
Uh, we contemplate and regulate
Now we got the game tight, there's money to make
The game won't wait but you can wait for the game
World wide tour with skirts screaming our name

(the shit don't stop cause the game don't change
All we gonna do is maintain)

[nate dogg]
The hits don't stop because the don't wait
I got no time for no demonstrate
I gotta go out and buy some brand new clothes
Change my socks, they'll reveal my soul
The hits don't stop because the don't wait
Girls don't stop because the dick is straight
Let me teach what I already know
The hits don't stop so it's time I go


[warren g]
Now it's the second time around, ain't no phonies or fakes
Let me holler at you, trying to snake my stakes
You older than me, you say og
You almost forty, trying to stay young and sporty
Sports you romeos'll stay in your place
Before you see all-stars ride up in your face

Youngster never bite the hand that feeds you
Proceed to give back to your folks and loc's that need you
We do (we do) we always keep it on the true
213 that's the name of the crew
It's true that dirt I did as kid got me caught up
But I was brought up with the mo of the deal
So for your info
Youngster, I been doing this before I hit the radi-izzo
Snoop deezy is off the heezy
So you can make mine extra cheesy
The crews a twist cause it consists of
Three riders, westsiders, one love

(the shit don't stop cause the game don't change
All we ever wanted was a small time mansion)

(chorus to fade)

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