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Текст песни Doggfather


I know you gonna dig this

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

I'm the doggfatha
Dig this

Uh huh, uh huh say what

I'm the doggfatha
And you know that

Uh huh uh huh
Say what say what

I'm the doggfatha
And you know that

When I wizake up in the mornin (say what)
And I get up out my bizzed (say what)
I feel gizood, oh yes I dizoo (uh)
Cuz I still can give it up on yizoo (huh)
Cuz what is all I look fizzor (uh)
In the fizee where the papers lizzone (uh-huh)
But as for mizee, I own gizees (what)
When I'm bustin rizzocks and ya know that (ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky)
I put down more hits than mafioso niggaz (uh-huh)
And lucky luciano bout to sing soprano
And I know, I know the way it feels (uh-huh)
And baby bubba we gon keep it on the real (huh huh huh)
Just to getcha caught up in amazement (yeahhh, what)
We talkin to cubans, so it might get dangerous (yeah, uh)
Now when it izzoo, people said oh dizzamn (uh-huh)
And let the bizzow wizzow ride the trizail ha ha (uh-huh)
How you feelin, I'm on the ceilin,
Ridin like a villain makin the killins,
Thrillin the crowd (uh-huh)
With my new hairdo (hairdo)
Outbiddin you (fo sho)
Fifty dollar socks credit thousand dollar shoes (uh-huh)
Man I give the blues to the sucka m.c.'s, who you be?
You know who I be, young nigga

Snoop, (timbaland):
I'm the doggfatha
(dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg fatha fatha)
And ya know that, I'm the doggfatha
(dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg fatha)
And ya know that, I'm the doggfatha
(dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg fatha fatha)
And ya know that, I'm the doggfatha
(dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg fatha fatha)

Lets make a move for this paper, where we rollin dog? (uh-huh)
We gots to get paid, make ya money all y'all (what)
When I step to the stage in my g-boy stance (what)
And say a few rhymes that make your girl wanna dance
I'm so fly like a dove, I come from up above
You're trippin on your girl cause she showed me love
Nigga don't beat her, cause if you beat em, ya don't need em
Yeah they gon have your baby,
Watch how fast they take your freedom (what, uh-huh)
I believe em, and don't mistreat em, I stay up on em (what)
But thats one to grow on nigga, let me flow on (cuzz)
Cause uh, you could rock to the rhythm you see (what)
But you could rock to the rhythm on me..(uh-huh) me.. (uh-huh) me..
But when you do your thang make sure you do your thang
On the hang, and everythang is everythang
Man, I'm on this paper chase
Like them whiteboy d.a.'s was on the case (uh-huh)
But you know I ain't tryin to floss but
Murder was the murder was the case that they lost
(murda murda murda murda)


Now do anybody in the house remember
When there wasnt no snoop dogg? (yeah)
There was no rappers hollerin lbc,
Am I trippin yall? (hell naw)
Now, when I grow up I wanna be like snoop, mad pussy and women
As we do from the beginnin (uh-huh)
In and out of the boz hotel, they say your family don't know me
Hold on homie, thats phony, informal
Say, tell, l's in jail, vest before test,
No one in my click fell (what)
The females with the almighty fatherly
Cuz we thinkin bout peeps, what they need
And it ain't no party like this kind (say what)
Cause you feelin where we make it hizzot
But i'ma get back to the grizzats,
Snoop d o double g comin back for a remizzax


Yeah, you know what I'm sayin?
(dogg, da-dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg) (fatha, fatha, fatha, fatha)
It's all about the gangstas, son
(dogg, da-dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg dogg)
And you know that (fatha, fatha fatha fatha fatha)
I'm the doggfatha

Say what? and I'm the pimp fatha, ha

Ha ha, I'm the dogg fatha

Say what? and I'm the timbaland fatha, ha ha
One time
For that mind, mind
Uh huh,uh huh uh huh
Ha, ain't nobody do it like me
Ha, from the southside, you see
From the v-a, to the l-a
Da-dogg da-dogg fatha fatha
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh, what
Say what

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