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S : SISQO : Unleash The Dragon

Unleash The Dragon
Текст песни Is Love Enough

Is Love Enough

Girl I see you cryin'
And I know it's cause of me
You say you caught me cheatin' and lyin' constantly but
I know you don't believe me baby when I say
That I will always love you you say that you love me

But is love enough to make you stay with me
Is love enough
To make you understand
Is love enough

You know I caught you cheatin
Heard that you been catchin thrills
I heard you was spending money
Heard that you been payin' bills but
Boy I won't be petty you will never hear me say her name
You could have kept it from me
Boy you ought to be ashamed
Is it enough
You disrespected me
Make me stop cryin'
How will I understand

Is it enough is it enough my baby
Want you to know you're driving me crazy
You don't approve of everything I do
But there is nothing stoppin' me from lovin' you
Hands up I can't lie I'm gonna love you till I dieand it's hard as hell to leave you boy no matter how I try
But if I heard you're back wit her love won't be enough

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