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S : SISQO : Unleash The Dragon

Unleash The Dragon
Текст песни Unleash The Dragon

Unleash The Dragon

Here I come niggas hold me back
Tired of holdin' back I'm about to let the drag attack who you oh
So get out of my way it's a new millennium it's a brand new day
So bugged out niggas
Thugged out niggas
I don't really care y'all my nigga
I'm about to let the dragon out now

Y'all nigga gonna make me unleash the dragon
I know you don't really wanna unleash the dragon
Niggas if you hear me say yeah shorties if you hear me say yeah

What's the dragon what's the dragon
It's when you're tired of holdin' your style in
Niggas got me pissed like lil kim
So I'm about to switch the industry again
So stand up shorty
Hands up shorty
I'm about to shake the whole land up shorties
We about to let the dragon out now

I don't think y'all cars want mack to releash the dragon
Catch me in all black underneath your wagon
Plastique and the detoniator
I can see you in I c u on a respirator
Y'all cats all know how this gone go
B mack rap gorilla with the official flow
Any beef wit my peeps then the pistol blow
I'm lay back for now and let sisqo flow

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