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S : SISQO : Return Of Dragon

Return Of Dragon
Текст песни Homewrecker


Sisqo - homewrecker

Hey sisqo. it's me love. call me. I wanna hold the dragon. I know you gotta
Girl now. it's cool. I just wanna see you, ok?

See the last time
Girl you had me caught up in some mess
Tellin my girl that we were more than friends
Fuckin around with you just had me stressed
So whenever I see you comin I go left
You're the type of girl that thinks that no means yes
Been puttin me and my girl stuff to the test
So I have ta bring this drama to an end
Before someone gets hurt and tears get shed

You're just a homewrecker
You're tryna break up my home, ain't cha?
Well I ain't gonna let cha
You're tryna mess up my thing, ain't cha?
You're just a homewrecker
You're tryna get me with you, ain't cha?
Think you got game, don't cha?
You tryna messup my thing, ain't cha?

Well no more
Stalkin me like you crazy and obsessed
Ya need ta stop actin like you ain't got sense
Tell me why you just can't take a hint
Cause I'm with some else that's got me bent
I got a happy home with a picket fence
I just can't let it go over some sex (sex sex sex)
Why can't we put this in the past?
I wish I never hit dat ohhhhhhhh

(chorus 2x)

Yeah yeah
Oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Ohhh yeah yeah
Ohhhh ohhhhh
Ohhh ohhhhhhhhhh
Get the hell out my home
Oh yeah
Ohhh baby

(chorus 3x)

Girl leave me the hell alone
I know you really wanna be with me
But I got a girl so you gotta let it be
Leave me the hell alone
I know you really wanna be with me
But I got a girl so you gotta let it be
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Said yeah yeah
You're a homewrecker a homewrecker
Baby, yeah

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