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S : SISQO : Return Of Dragon

Return Of Dragon
Текст песни Dream


[Verse 1]
Told myself time and time again
That I'm not in love with you and then
You came to me one night in a dream
You meant more to me than I wanted to see
There was nothing I could do to stop it
Even though you're with somebody else

If I didn't really care why were you there
The color of your eyes the scent of your hair
I know dreams aren't reality
But you're so real so real to me

It took a dream to tell me that I love you lady
I couldn't see that you were always there for me
Remembering the time we shared together
Came clear to me one night I am I am in love

[Verse 2]
I tossed and turned a broke a swear
Woke up with tears my pillows wet
I'm drowning in a river of my hopelessness
If only you can save me now
I've got to find some way some how
To let you know how I feel inside
Cause it's so obvious and hard to hide

And it came clear to me one night
I am in love
And what can I do and what can I say
To let you know that I feel the same
Please don't walk away
Cause I know I can't be wrong
And my dreams they can't be wrong

[Chorus (2x)]

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