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S : SCREWBALL : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Seen It All

Seen It All

Basically over, basically over, basically over--raekwon (scratched my primo)

The games over, feds took your range rover
Your man snitched and your girl's screaming I told ya
About those over the shoulder boulders that you be having
Niggas smile in ya face, behind yo' back they back-stabbing
Laughing, talkin 'bout all ya business
How much you got to score with, to niggas you went to war with
How many guns you got, and where you go to cop
You shoulda seen me coming down the block
You was gettin hot, but you didn't give a fuck
You make a g in a day and spend it up
In a black benz tinted up, pound of weed twist it up
Henny pourin out ya cup, livin it up
? daddy warbuck? style

Chours: repeat x2

I watched niggas rise, I watched niggas fall down (fall down)
I seen it all, it went down in my town (where, where? )
Called queensbridge, where the fugitives live
Where some rap kids (rap kids) can turn to big wigs (big wigs)

My niggas rollin dice and fled
Braggin to the nigga with the slice in his head
Now there's a price on his head
For pullin out on lil bro
Flashin his heat, he askin for beef
Conference call, ready to brawl
Caught him on a blaz'a
He breathing hard like he got asthma
Choice words he spoke, headed for disaster
Last to the gramma I spit
Told him fuck you and whoever you get
He's like whatever kid
Fourteen days later
Whole team made they way to my block
Young bucks with guns tucked and cocked
Like they runnin the spot
Im'a load one bullet for all of y'all
You saw it on my face, war ready
I'm callin the pace, it's gettin more steady
Don't bite what you can't chew
Dumb little niggas like that aint'choo
Yo, recognize what it coulda came to
Put a whole in you, just like a navel


Now keeps your eyes on
Screwball, these rap dons, qb icons
Play the project with a firearm
Fully loaded, I keep a razor thats coroded
I'll slash you with it, 'cuz every rhyme is crime committed
Speak it 'cuz I did it before, I got on
I ? dub? niggas moms up til they first born
Til they only child, you pull car you'll get a wild
One, I'm at the bottom of the struggle tryin to rise son
A wise one, step ahead, keep my fam fed
Broke bread off this game and I held my head
You want details, then lets negotiate crack sales
New guns thats watched the game, clientale
Yo we rock well, we keep our name ringin bells
>from this mic to the street life, we doin this right
See we swore to these streets to vibe
And draw heat, fuck a peace sign
A waste of time, respect my nine


What'choo thought
Screw holdin down th fort
Primo on the track
What'chall want now
Its like dat
Feel it for a minute

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