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S : SCREWBALL : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Biz Interlude

Biz Interlude

Are you ready (yeah yeah)
Are you ready for this (uh huh)

Yo, yo, yo, yo
While I was creepin, you and him was sleepin up in my bed
'til I caught you red handed, cocked back the lead
And let'choo have it, gave you a life, livin lavish
Took your hand in marriage, have me spend up all my cabbage
On your trick ass, ? ? ? and mister kick ass
Lettin is blast, your blood splattered over the brass
Ran and threw up, can't believe I bucked you up
Coulda thrown money out and just fucked you up
And threw your clothes out, put'choo in the yo', ? chap your nose out?
You had to fuck a bug like that, with all these hoes out
But I was wide oped off you
Whoever thought I'd be fabricatin lies to get up out the precinct
Kickin my g, hopin police believe me
Now I'm standin in a puddle of shit like knee deep
My aliby tight, they even called my hoe
Yo, we was layed up, case closed, drug related, let me go

Hook: screwball

What would you do? if you was meee'eee
Would you wash that sheet, turn and just walk away, now
What would you do? if you was meee'eee
Or would you pull that triggercall it anotha day, now
Eat that shit nigga...

Yo man, r&b sucks--chris rock

This ain't a love song bitch

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