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Текст песни Through The Lonely Nights

Through The Lonely Nights


Through the lonely nights I think of you
Through the lonely hoursi dream of you
I don't no why I do it, but I do
Why do you take it, what's wrong with you?
Ev'ry time I see ya
Ev'ry time I see ya
Ev'ry time I see ya
Ev'ry time I see you

With the lonely weekeend I'm far from you
Why you're coming on, like you're supposed to do?
Oh, but you know me so well,
And your time ain't so hard to sell.

In your cherry dresses and your shiny shoes
In a doorway on some neon walk
Making the lonely pay for me
Why don't we set eachother free.

When did I mislead ya
When did I mistreat ya
When did I mistreat ya
When did I deceive ya

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