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Текст песни Fiji Gin

Fiji Gin


I want more fiji gin, but full name is billy dean
Tell him to bring his electric guitar, 'cause a poor boy goin'
Then we'll duck two bars away, snort an ounce of cocaine
Took myself about 55 jars, 6-pack more a champagne

Ohh baby... I love you...oh my baby
Oh baby I love you

Better watch out for the fiji gin, come-up and spend the
Come on and bring your wah-wah pedal, then let's go on
Ronnie brought about, 50,000 kids, and then slipped out in
The rain
Fell from the beat to the 25th floor, white girls go insane,

I love ya...
I wanna pounce, all right

Better watch out for the split-side anna, fistford is out for a
Call me up and feed to 21st floor, the poor chicks go insane
You bust 2 ribs (!!), you bust 2 arms, his legs is like stumps
In therain
His brain is shred, his nose is bled, but his hands, they sure
Could play

Better watch out for the curse-i-anna, come on billy dean
Come on bring your electric guitar 'cause these boys are just
Gonna play
Come on down miss sus-i-anna, figi gin's gonna rein
Tell him to bring a, wah-wah pedal, boy we're going

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