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R : ROD STEWART : Body Wishes

Body Wishes
Текст песни Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

(stewart, le mesurier)

You come to me with open arms
Trying to rectify my charms
You say tonight I'm to be your lover
And by the morning light I'm to discover
Everything that you've held inside of you
What's a man like me supposed to do
Sweet oh sweet surrender
Sweet, sweet surrender

You tell me that you're lonely and you're sad
And tonight I'm to be your only man
You wear those things that turn my head
You ruffle my ego but not my bed
Seems like summer when you're close at hand
If I seem eager then you'll understand
Sweet, sweet surrender
Sweet, sweet surrender

Heart is tired and full of doubt
Now you've sucked me in don't spit me out
Lay your head down next to mine
And in each others arms we'll entwine
Look me straight in the eyes and tell me
Between your heart and mind I see
Sweet oh sweet surrender
Sweet, sweet surrender

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