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R : ROD STEWART : Body Wishes

Body Wishes
Текст песни Dancin' Alone

Dancin' Alone

(stewart, le mesurier)

On a boulevard in paris
I met a good old friend of mine
'come on over to my place
Bring yourself and a bottle of wine'
So I put on my leathers
And I tried to look my best
But I was apprehensive
I noticed I was the only guest
It was then I witnessed
Something I'd never seen
Some satisfaction
Dancin' alone
Dancin' alone

There's a white house in georgia
Down the mason-dixon line
They got kentucky derby winners there
They got a lear jet parked outside
Yeah but every friday weekend
When the big tom cat's away
You'll find the plantation shakin'
By the butler and the upstairs maid
Don't need no money, diamonds or cadillacs
To get all the satisfaction dancin' alone
Dancin' alone
Dancin' alone

Don't you worry
'bout the problems of the human race
Get some satisfaction dancin' alone
Dancin' alone baby
Listen to this
At a hot spot in texas
On an endless friday night
I was listenin' to waylon and willie
When a cowgirl passed my sights
And I took a look in the mirror
To make sure that my head was screwed on
I was feeling rejected
But I wasn't going home
In a moment of a rash decision
I threw myself right on the floor
I did a backflip and somersault
Yeah, the crowd called for more
So if you're tired of watching
Being left on the shelf
Get your satisfaction dancin' alone
Dancin' alone, dancin' alone
Dancin' alone, dancin' alone
Dancin' alone baby

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