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Текст песни I'll Take Your Heart

I'll Take Your Heart

(what's in parantheses is background vocals)
(r.j. lange)

Movin up where you want to be
Talking tough, that won't work with me
It's my heart, it ain't hollywood
You want it baby
Oh you got to be good

(heyya) mm
(heyya) heyyy
(heyya) ooo
(hey hey ya)

Take you up where you never been
Tie your seat belt, oh strap yourself in
Start a rumor, nothing to it
Oh it's you and me baby are just the ones to do it

I don't want to be the lonely game in town
I just want to be the only girl around
Yeah I'm gonna take you straight to the top
Never gonna stop
Show you what I got

I'll take your heart (I'll take your heart)
Before you know it's gone
Leave you standing but you won't be alone
Take your rhythm and leave you out of time
I'll take everything and give you all of mine
(I'll take your heart) I'll take your heart
And you ain't gonna feel it
Can't do nothing babe
You know I'm gonna steal it

And I'll take your heart
Before you know it's gone
(heyya, heyya, heyya, hey hey heyya)

Lady luck just be good to me
Send me love special delivery
Ain't in a movie, I ain't on tv
I'm a living, loving breathing leading kind of lady
I don't want to be alone at the end of the phone
I just want to be the one that turns you on

Yeah I'm gonna take you straight to the top
Never gonna stop
Show you what I got

Repeat chorus

Some girls will cut you like a knife
Some girls will even stay the night
But this girl is gonna stay for life
Ya know it's right

(heyya) mm
(heyya) heyy
(heyya) oo
(hey hey ya)

Repeat chorus twice as song fades

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