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Текст песни All of You

All of You

(robert ellis orrall, anna wilson, rebecca maples)

I think about
Holding you and kissing you
Wanting you and missing you

Clock is ticking and the wind is howling and
I'm just staring at the candle burning
Bottle of red that we never opened
Your voice in my head tossing and turning

The radio is playing our song
Can't sing along, can't even listen
I dial your number but I don't let it ring

I think about holding you and kissing you
Wanting you and missing you
Building up and breaking down walls
I dream about finding you and keeping you
Loving you and living you
I'm telling you
I want it all, all of you

I can't let go and I can't keep
Holdin' on to nothing but I just
Keep trying to tell myself there's
A damn good reason but it's not
Enough to keep me from crying

I've memorized every look, every touch
Every time you told me our hearts weren't lying
I'm wondering now do you even know

Repeat chorus

I can't break free of you
I don't know how
Oh I'm not about
To let go
Of you
I love you
I need you now

Repeat chorus

All of you

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