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P : PROPAGHANDI : Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes

Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Текст песни Albright Monument, Bagdhad

Albright Monument, Bagdhad

Wadia's best friend's youngest sister was denied a proper burial because for two days they couldn't douse the flames the allied planes had showered on her tiny body. and all the paper trails tha
D to all the roads that lead to all these basras make it seem like we're all just collateral damage waiting to be happened in some unforeseen pentagon budget-drill. today's ba'ath re
Is just the red scare of yesteryear. and I drink myself to sleep because I'm losing faith that any of us will ever amount to anything more than reluctant human subsidies, the moving parts in a d
Machine, protesting their complicity, but waiting for somebody else to throw their body on the churning gears. I drink myself to sleep because I'm losing faith that we, here in the cradle of aff
E can cease this sickening drive for individual strength through state-powers' swinging fists or that we'll ever look back and laugh at the irony that is: an atomic murderer is enshrined in inde
Nce, usa while 8000 miles from here (ba
Ck in the cradle of democracy) it's another banner year for a cottage industry Ёc a ritual at the corner of george and constantine - as foundries scramble to recast his decapitated monument.

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