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P : PROPAGHANDI : Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes

Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Текст песни Ladies' Nite in Loserville

Ladies' Nite in Loserville

Drains her fifth and spits out a greek translation*. she slurs how much more bullshit you got left? cuz you been feeding me this crap about Ў®free speech' and Ў®thought-police' like I'm su
D to sit and swoon. it takes three more rounds till the subject changes and in that time she lays it down: fuck larry flynt and any campaign to silence women standing up and fighting
. and I fuck to cum, so don't lay your Ў®repressed' shit on me. I fuck to cum. fuck your blessed trinity. I'm so sick of needle-dicks and (selective) first-amendments. I can out-think, out-drink
-fuck-you-all so fuck your bullshit Ў®femi-nazi' crap, no needle-dick's gonna silence me. I fuck to cum.

* graphos = graphic depiction, pornos = female sexual slave

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