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P : PM DAWN : The Bliss Album

The Bliss Album
Текст песни When Midnight Sighs

When Midnight Sighs

If and betting on an if, and if that if might have a chance to survive.
It runs in to twelve different ways of existing each with capacity to change it's mind.
The vibe says six, so be six, now it has a clone. that is a bit more feminine.
Pondering the paces of what's going down....life. and the greeting is, oh..its you again.
Now come the images so many images. the painful colors and the bliss like tries.
I'm taking notes till the end of theatrics, then it stops, ends, dies....
Whatever is whatever, it calculates the karma.
And tries to adjust as it inquires what's shaking.
But through no eyes, I could see the entity....crying.

I cry, when midnight sighs, I cry, when midnight sighs.

Let's pretend it's true, no, facade. the vibe says seven, do I look surprised? no.
You, you're so disturbing. anxious tears do these paint my eyes...oh.
The mysterious fee no one sees. and no one tries. whenever tangeble,
I'll fall out of love. but for now my mind isn't mine....sporadic advice, never thinks twice,
But exotic thoughts conclude thgis frenzy. pay no no attention to the scars.
However bright all the men see is precious you. immaculate trues, patient lies say,
Prince your flying, yeah. but through no thoughts, I could see this concept crying.

(chorus) x2

When midnight sighs, if about to be me it's. so the vibe say five.
I put on hooves horns and an attitude. and nochalantly find I'm alive.. twelve am
I understand. I find the eight, too late, it's gone. but I could see this woman crying
Cussing, crying, and carrying on...my god....

(repeat chorus)

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