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P : PM DAWN : The Bliss Album

The Bliss Album
Текст песни Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich

Uh, yeah, that's alright.

( chorus )
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich.

If you tried to explain, I wouldn't understand
Even if you twist my arm I won't know
I'm falling through five different frmaes of distortion.
Knowing me, disturbing it's flow
I'm using blind, I'm using fault.
I'm using all that's within my reach
What conducts patterns of electricity
That leave me wandering oblivion's beach...
Ok, wait a minute, what's the big deal
I'm not allowed to be compsed of lust.
Consider questions of a lonely man.
From clashes to ashes and greed to dust,
Ok, fine,where's the big wall,
It surpasses me, but it's the cave through time.
Consider quotes from the understand what it takes.
To conditions your mind to be filthy rich.

( chorus )

I'm entering never, confusing the elements
Pondering all that needs to be done
Shamena life is performing an exorcism.
To rid me of all my guns
At innocence best it's simply wild,
As intense as it is it can only crawl...
I see my mind, it's still descending,
At least for now I'm controlling it's fall...
Ok, hold it, why the big smiles
It scrambles warnigns and signals touch...
Consider the passion for a thousand miles,
When the shady strides become a bit too much...
Ok, stop, where's the big find
I'm waiting for someone to tell me the deal
Consider yourself so wealthy
Without ever knowing how it feels to be filthy rich

( chorus )

Finding you, fighting you, and pleasing.
All that gives me mine
It's getting dark, it's time to go.
When facts to feathers destroy the lines...
Ok, kool, but what's the big reason.
Tell me the tricks to having loads of fli.
Consider the silence of the soul
'cause filthy rich is just what it is, filthy rich...

( chorus )

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