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P : PM DAWN : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Frostbite


Hey yo, jai silk, you know it`s cold outside
Hey yo, be you know it`s cold outside
Hey yo, minute you know it`s cold outside
Catchin` frostbite will never let you slide

Don`t ya know it`s warm outside said the rabbit and the fox
But their frontin, better put on your mittens and socks
You see my mother used to rip and tell me wear warm clothes
But I used to flip because I always had a cold
I had to wonder all the time why the picture wasn`t clear
Got confusion hanging from my chandelier
I think I always had the thought but I didn`t really know
So all I used to do was stare out the window
I can take a peek now and pick out all the fools
By playing in the snow the peoples looks kind of cool
All my friends, everybody, used to have a warm chest
But they caught frostbite and now they act like the rest

You know it`s cold outside
I know it`s cold outside
You know it`s cold outside
I know it`s cold outside
You know it`s cold outside
I know it`s cold outside
Catching frostbite will never let you slide

Jai silk in the house

You`re rumbling till the breathe I can`t hang tough
That`s what you choose, that`s where you`re stuck
You`re faking the pump you pretender
I capped my own style as far as I remember
So what you got to say, what you got to do
What you got them wrong what you got to prove
I`m not a common mc, or another false player
It`s not the same bs now you hear everyday
It`s raining in a tune that you didn`t even choose
Stand there looking stupid locked up in the same group
I stay in the house because it`s cold outside
Never taking the risk of being a common lullaby


Another fold, I wasn`t even told
It seemed very dry and caught the cold
If I was a less I rolled me another
I front to the right and warming to a brother
And as I grow I grow reach a higher reach in towards the fire
Being cold is not desired
I sweat in the tone to another cup of vibe
I send them peace because i`m not outside

I watched the fog cleared against a dark brick wall
Contemplating about the brother why he`s selling snow balls
Couldn`t be my man. I thought that he was cool
As he came up the path and said remember me from school
We had the same teacher, think name was mr. russo
Said I picked ya up but I don`t remember you so
Said bye see ya later, and I left the icecicle
I don`t have frostbite, but now and then I get the sniffles

Refrain (x2)

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