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Текст песни If You Never Say Goodbye

If You Never Say Goodbye

Legs of a calf, head of a man
Eyes on the camera shaking everyone's hand
Vultures circle, and smack their lips
Sky goes black as the lightning rips
Stars are mute, moon without pity
As waves of blood roll over the city
It's not a rehearsal, or special effects
It's the end of the story, it's what happens next

And I say (and I say)
It's coming any second
And I say, and I say
In the blink of an eye
And I say (and I say)
With a bang and a whimper
And I say it's okay
If you never say goodbye

Song of a child, song of a beast
As it slouches and slithers
Away from the feast
I dreamt a dream, but what could it mean
Angels in love devoured by greed
All the people danced, tore at their clothes
The sky grew fire, and the oceans froze
It isn't a fable; it wasn't a hoax
Seventeen devils thinking up jokes


I saw a chapel made of gold
The aisle was so blue and the air was so cold
Terrible sound on a microphone
As the rats kept rhythm on chicken bones

People wept, swallowed their jewels
Entered like soldiers, departing as fools
It isn't incentive, it's not a reward
It's a black parachute with a noose for a cord


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