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P : PHARCYDE : Labcabincalifornia

Текст песни Splattitorium


Rollin herbals for the verbals. distractions. distractions.

If I had another sack I would roll it up, I would light it up, then I would
Pass it around (4x)

Joints. blunts (blunts). and a bong (bong).
Any which way, I can never go wrong. (wrong)
Smoke bud (herb) all night (night), all day (day), all night (night). whatever
Time. (time)
It's the right time for me. (right)
You know what time it is.
I'm down with tha p-h-a-r-cyde (can you? )
To rock up in you -
I got the microphone. I twist you and burn you and bend you like sinew.
Back. run away, run away.

I don't understand

(various adlibs)

No more teachers.
No more bitches. no more hoes, and that's how it goes.

I want some leathers and a coupe and a house full of loot that'll make ya just
Gotta get a scoop.

Check. 'spect.

I want a check. I want some 'spect.

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