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P : PHARCYDE : Labcabincalifornia

Текст песни Bullshit


You gotta get up off of that bullshit... stop fighting that

Let me entertain you
And interphaze you, with the new sound
The sound is the cyde and the phar is the cyde
And no matter who you are, you know you can't hyde!
Not from the eyes of the sun nor the moon nor the stars!
No matter who you are!
So come in and commence to the sound of my drummin

You gotta get up off of that bullshit... stop fighting that

(slim kid 3)
Time to go all the way with it
Don't just sit there and stare or play with it
Cause were committed to the seeds of the new breeds
The motha ship of dreams where fiendz breast feeds
Step thru reality into reality so surreal you feel you never knew
Until it stood still now your far from a lie
When the truth tantalizes ya eyes see we'z
Already in the skies or outer space
Standing here on the face of this earth
To the state to the grid of my turf
Where my mom gave birth
To all that she loves be it small to othersbut yo it's bigger than
They did a cross examination of it
But you can't duplicate the stae of our relations thru translations
That's not the ticket breaking code in heiroglyphics
Trying to get down to the specifics

You gotta get up off of that bullshit... stop fighting that

(bootie brown)
Yo! when money talks fools are always checkin'
Depositing their two cents
Foolishly convinced blinded by their ignorance
That becomes a hinderance for them to rise
When you going to recognize, time waits for no man
When you going to stand and...
Get up offa that bullshit, stop fighting that feeling

You gotta get up off of that bullshit... stop fighting that

Yo, yo, now let me change the topic just a bit
Talk about the iahp's with the fat ass and tits
Comin' to the club looking for a star
Ain't got ten dollars for a drink at the bar
Scoping around looking for the best dressed,
Smelling for the indo passing up the stress
Sniff sniff yo what does the iahp smell
A brotha like suave with pockets that swell
Action was thrown the iahp was blown
Next thing you know I had her at my home
All alone object to get paid
The only thing that happened was her ass got laid
Now no end and her ass was sprung
Used a little tongue but believe I'm well hung
So listen, a lesson well learned for all you club hopping ho's
It ain't about the stardom and it ain't about the dough

You gotta get on up off of that bullshit (x6)
Stop fighting that feeling

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