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Let's Ride
Текст песни I Say Yes[Interlude]

I Say Yes[Interlude]

Feat. paster clarence e. mcclendon

Ah, thank you jesus
You know, I want to take just a moment and speak to you
I don't know who you are
Or where you are
What's going on in your life
I do know that sometimes circumstances
And situations come against us
We ask, where is god?
And, is there anybody who can help us?
I want you to know that God is not very far from you
Whoever you are, wherever you've been
Whatever you've done
He's right there
As close as the breath you just drew
As close as the fingers on the end of your hand
God is right there
He's everywhere
But you know, he only comes where he's invited
And when you need his help
All you've got to do is open your mouth and call out to him
Just tell him yes
It's that easy, it's that simple
All of the work for him to come into your life has already been done
All you've got to do is just tell him yes

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