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Let's Ride
Текст песни 4 You

4 You

Feat. schappell crawford & fullfillment choir

1 - god'll do anything for you
He can deliver you
If you want him to
God'll do anything for you
He gave his son to you
He gave his life for you

You may be wondering
Why we're praising God like we do
All I can say is that
What he's done for me he will do
The same thing for you, listen
He washed me (he washed me)
He saved me (he saved me)
He gave his life that I might live
And do so abundantly
Don't you think I'm crazy
I'm dancing 'cuz I'm free

Repeat 1

I don't see nothing wrong
With letting the lord take control
So I'm dancing, and singing, and shouting and praising, and...
I can go on and on, yeah

The lord is my shepherd
I shall not want for anything
I'm never alone he promised me
When you see me shouting
You'd better shout or just excuse me because

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

The lord is my sheperd
I shall not want
My cup runneth' over
My soul has been bought
He saved my soul
So hell I'd never see
So when you see me dancing
You should dance or just excuse me

Do do do do do
Do do do do
God can do anything
Huh? huh? what?
There's nothing in the world that God won't do
He can deliver you if you want him to
He'll do anything

Oh, oh, oh, he will (he'll do anything)
Said, he will (he'll do anything)
He'll do do do do dod od odo
He will (he'll do anything)
Halilulah, (he'll do anything)
Oh, glory (he'll do anything)
Schappell, help me sing it

God will, see you through it
God will, there's nothing to it
In your mind, in your home
Late at night, all alone
What you want, you can have it
What you need, reach and grab it

God will, oh yeah
God will, oh yeah

Repeat 1

God'll do anything for you

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