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M : MARY J. BLIGE : Mary

Текст песни Don't Waste Your Time

Don't Waste Your Time

Mary j blige & aretha franklin

Lately I've got this funny feeling
Something don't feel the same
But he's telling me I'm the one to blame
Yes I know he still gives me good loving
But when he's deep inside
There's somebody else on his mind

1 - [aretha]don't waste your time
[mary] but it gets so hard to know
[aretha]just walk away
[mary] you say that I got to let go
[both] seen it a millions times before
[aretha]you shouldn't take his stuff no more
[mary] can't waste my time
[aretha]girl it's not hard to know
[mary] should walk away
[aretha]oh you've got to let it go
[both] seen it a millions times before
[mary] shouldn't take his sh** no more

Sister girl, sister girl
It's much deeper than what you're thinking
When something don't feel the same
Yeah you better believe his love has change
(and I have been telling you, telling you)
And what you're telling me
(it's been hurting me, hurting me)
It ain't, it ain't complete
He's got a sweetie on the side
Stop making truth, out of his lies

Repeat 1

[aretha & mary]
What's the point of love
When you got no trust
What's the point of staying
When you seen enough
What's the point of giving
What he don't deserve

He don't deserve it
No you don't deserve it

Oh what's the point of feeling

[aretha & mary]
Like there's nothing inside
What's the point of saying
That you still got your pride
What's the point of giving
What he don't deserve
This is the last time
I'm gonna love you

Repeat 1

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