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M : MARY J. BLIGE : Mary

Текст песни Memories


Hmm, hmm, whoa, oh

Sitting here all alone on valentine's day
I really wanna call him up
But my pride is all in the way (hey, hey, hey)
Picture's getting clearer
I see what's been going wrong for years
The once you say you're far
Really are so near
I'm thinking of

1 - roses that you sent to me
All the kisses that you gave to me
Memories of what we used to be
All alone this special today
Thinking Ў®bout the time you went away
Valentine's day will never be the same

How come men nowadays bring you so much joy
And so much pain
Can anybody help me?
I think I'm going insane
Valentine's day will never be the same
Cause I'm think about you always
I cherish everything you gave to me
I'm thinking of

Repeat 1

You took my love for granted
Did you mean to think everything was fine between me and you
Everytime this thing comes around
I wanna feel your touch
I can't believe what you did to me
How could you do me wrong
But still I must move on

I gotta move on, ooh oh

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