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H : HUMAN NATURE : Telling Everybody

Telling Everybody
Текст песни Wishes


Sometimes I wish that I could turn back time
I check myself cause I was way out of line
I only hope that we can start all over again

I must admit that I was more then wrong
I use your heart like a stepping stone
Please forgive a fool who doesn't know what to do
What do I do

And I wish that I could have just one more chance
And I wish that I could be your pillar of strength
And I pray that you will see that what I'm saying is true
'cause i, I wish for you

In my mind I can see your face
You're on the breath of every word I say
If there's anyone to place the blame on - it's me
Baby can't you see?


I wish for you
I wish for you (for you)
Oh baby I wish

I really nmiss you baby
I think about you baby (all night long)
I really need you baby
I wanna hold you baby
Stay (won't you stay) with me


I wish for you
I wish for you (for you)
Oh baby I wish
For you

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