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H : HUMAN NATURE : Telling Everybody

Telling Everybody
Текст песни September Girl

September Girl

Left a message on your page
A night without you is gonna be strange
Baby the time we spent together
Is gonna make me dream 'bout you forever
You rescued me and showed me the sun
My september love changed two into one

Now only the rain is gonna stop
Only the wind is gonna change
Seems only the shameless feelings guide my love tonight
September sun - you made me see
September moon - make love to me
Dreams only give me strength to wait another night
My september girl

Things remind me constantly
Of how you looked and kissed so sweet
You must be a fool to be my lover
But I ain't gonna treat you like no other
I'll cradle you 'cause you are the one
September love - my life's just begun


Can somebody help me to explain why I'm crying
Can somebody bring you to me now
Rescue me


My september girl

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