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H : HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH : Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs
Текст песни One by One

One by One

In my family say
We've never been anywhere

To the left sea
Can we go please
We don't care we want to
Sit and stare at it

Can we try
To hold up our head
Feel the power of the land that we trampled once

Can we go
Where you go
We know you always need us behind

It's me it's me
Calling around looking for your reply
Let me tell you where the story
Can run to now

We came together
We will leave here one by one
Let's go on and remember
Where we've been

Aunt inez
From virginia she
Makes me feel like I could be president

Of all I see
And all I dream
In these eyes that have held so much punishment


When she laughs
I hold up my head
She makes me feel like I could walk on water now

Can she go
Where I go
I know I'll always need her behind


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