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H : HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH : Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs
Текст песни I Will Wait

I Will Wait

Aboard his ship he stops to stare
Needs to smell her, touch her hair
Say's I can't be without her
Tonight he's going to be without her

It's late now, she say's
Makes her mind up goes to bed
Another night alone without him
Another night alone in charleston

When I wake to find the solace of
All that we've become
I can't wait to make the promises
I've been leery of

I'll be there waiting for you
In the morning when times have changed
I'll be there through the lies and all
Standing like your soldiers
You hold your secrets
Through the days when I need to be alone
I will wait for you
Through the lies and all

She was left behind so they could stay
God to feel him this she prays
It would make her feel so much better
I want to feel so much better

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