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G : GRAVEDIGGAZ : Six Feet Deep

Six Feet Deep
Текст песни Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?

Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?

Intro: rza/rzarector

Let's do it come on, it's over now see
Now you don't know if you're feeling mommie, mommie, mommie
See we the people we gotta come togeather for a common cause
You gotta recognize... life... see, sometimes... I would say

Chorus: all

Mommie, what's a gravedigga? x5 (gravediggaaazz)
Mommie, what is a gravedigga?

Verse 1: rza/rzarector

Yo, I had a nightmare!
That I slept for a light year
4000 roaches have crawled inside my right ear
When I found myself trapped inside of a circle
Surrounded by 40 wicked women who was all dressed in purple
They promised they would harm the nations with the abominations
For the rotations, vaxinations of intoxications
It was at that moment, I realized who was my opponent
It was God for made God he said he wanted to slay god
He put his wrath in the circle for the 29th chapter
Said they wanted to fracture my skull, so he could capture my soul
My body got drawn to a life less deformed
And by essence tried to squeeze to the crack of dawn
But I got trapped in a void, watching now I'm paranoid
Living noise floating in space like asteroids
The pain in my head, was excrutiating
It must have been at dusk they had me illusinating,
Now I was facing satan and he was the ------- reagan
Of of who killed kennedy, the true identity of the holy ghost trinity
The lack of masculinity
About to lose it, but I fashed back the blunts dipped in honey
>from the dirty tombs that I mastered when I learned 120
About who's the original vile chemical father
The king of civilitation, the universal author
It was me, it struck me, and caused me to figure
I'm alive in my self, that I'm a gravedigga!

Chorus: all

Mommie, what's a gravedigga? x4

Verse 2: too poetic/grymreaper

On a cold night in january, foes invaded my sanctuary
With the arch-bishop of canterburry
To cause confusion, they drugged my plasma solution
Till I saw visions and illusions
My body hit the bottom of a dark black pit
Full of snakes with poisonous lips swimming in piss
The spell was atrotious, I stood still
Getting vexed, ferocious and ready to kill
My soul was a vast inovation of strife
Like joe vouldalast, temptation of christ
As I acknowledged the blackness, survival tactics
Got acted, my soul with a full metal jacket
Interogated by jinns, who penetrated my skin
With pins to learn the secret of the grym
The fire that burns in my bosom like jeremiah
Sparks through the dark for those who enquire:

Chorus: all

Mommie, what's a gravedigga? x4

Verse 3: frukwan/gatekeeper

As you rotate on your axis, vaporize the sky
Make it drop like solar faxes
Feel amongst the solids, liquids, and the gases
Said he built the heat as the rain turned to acid
Yo, we came strung simulated with the drugs I'm the potion
Swelling, my brain cells constantly in motion
I charge like a lightning bolt caught in the note
A spinning black pole swalloed me like a throat
Yo, it felt like a prison, the walls was a living organism
That had mad curves like the wisdom, but it wasn't
And knowledge is the key to confucion
Man made pollution, child I was abused with intrution
Tossed in a hole, 6 years old, let me go!
At 12 I was a student and wrote
Cause now my degrees are passed to my youngest seed
And when she steped to my queen, she said:

Chorus: all outro: prince paul/undertaker

Mommie, what's a gravedigga? x5 walking in the shadows you realize
Mommie, what is a gravedigga? that life is nothing but a form of
Yo, I had a nightmare! [echoes] animated death [echoes]
Gatekeep [echoes]

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