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G : GRAVEDIGGAZ : Six Feet Deep

Six Feet Deep
Текст песни 6 Feet Deep

6 Feet Deep

Chorus (x2):

Gravedigga, nigga, 6 feet deep

Verse one: grymreaper

I floss my teeth on the gospel tracks
I'm not an apostle, but I bring the axe to ya back
I chew and attack
Like crest on plaque
After that, your world is flack
You drop into a hole
Your mold separates from your soul
Behold, the gravediggaz told you 'beware'
But you didn't listen
So now we appear an' eardrums glisten, ha ha


Verse two: gatekeeper

When I wreck I commence to ditect
Ready to disect so come step alive and die
Next murder is mayhem
Diggin graves is irregular
Treach-orous mangler
Tha boston strangler
Heated and trapped in a fury of hate
Daredevil, the rhyme rebel my heart terminates
Subduin and pul-ver-i-zin ya head
Ya bled, fell dead, and your tombstone red

Rza-to-the-recta, grym-to-the-reap
Unda-to-the-taker, gate-to-the-keep
Creepin thru tha ghettos and the slums and streets
Gravedigga, nigga, 6 feet

Verse three: rzarector

Darkness shall fall upon y'all
Who slept on the styles
That crept thru tha door
The grave behave we come to save
So don't be afraid of the dark
We spark like light ignite
Excite, excite is right, is right
Come follow the life
And see what I see and be what I be
Tha g-to-the-r-to-the-a-to-the-v


Verse four: undertaker

In the mind I come with the sparks from the attic
Yet psychopathic brain tracks is tragic
Twist lifting mist like riff of a taurus
Deep in tha forest, I slay for tha porridge
Yet is gold, ya die slow like a tortoise
Deep in my chorus, ya result diggamortis
Let me see I'm castin disease
Contrary, yet some fairy 'cause ya bleed


Verse five: rzarector

Demonic, ya sonic is bangin like chronic
And niggas be audi faster than sonic
Blubonic, plutonic ya best look up on it
Beast bein programmed asr ensoniq
Styles compiled for miles and childs
Bodies and owls and upside-down smiles
Reflect, catch wreck from sun-moon sect
Paradex sheds light then thought reflects


Verse six: grymreaper

I came on the scene
In a wheel that ezekiel seen
To exploit your flaws like philistines
Look in the sky, oh my, it is i
No alibi, so don't even try
To feed me swine
And grymreaper's mind is so refined
I'm deep, I'm deep, I'm deep
As a hill or a cliff or a steep
Incline at the bottom of an ocean reef

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