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Текст песни Knoxville Girl

Knoxville Girl

I met her at a walmart
She was tryin' to find a spare part
And I thought I could help find it
She said she just moved into town
With a smile that turned into a frown
And she grabbed my hand and held on too tight

Knoxville girl

She said she was a kentucky girl
Who wanted to see more of the world
And there was desperation in her eyes
I asked if I could drive her home
Cause her car broke down she was all alone
But she said she didn't have a place to stay

Knoxville girl

She moved in with me
And we were both so happy
Until the day I happened upon the news

That told of the knoxville murder armed robbery

She needed me for cover
So she acted like my lover
But I knew she'd soon be through with me
I confronted her with the facts
The smile on her face, well it fell like an axe
And that's when the bullets began to fly

Knoxville girl

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