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G : GRAVEBLANKETS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Gods & Monsters

Gods & Monsters

The devil was on stilts this morning
He walked out back to see
The ten foot wine glass he used to ensnare me

Well I wanted to burn down the barn
Where he spent most his summer days
Well I lit a match and watched the haystacks burn
But the devil walked into the blaze

Gods and monsters

Well I lived in a small northern town
Where scratch had always had a foothold
But I always felt certain
I could stop the infernal cold

Gods and monsters

He'd taken control of a woman
That we all knew and loved
But she didn't recognize
The devil's hand inside her glove

She had power and influence
That she'd always used with care
But slowly and surely
Our lives became a nightmare

Gods and monsters

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